Advisory: Beware of Cheque Scam

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
RSA Canada has recently become aware of a cheque scam impacting Johnson and RSA customers as well as non-customers.

The scam involves a forged letter from the ‘Mystery Global Survey Group’ and is accompanied by a forged cheque. 

The recipients are led to believe that they have received a payment from the Mystery Global Survey Group’s sponsor, Johnson, as part of a mystery shopping assignment. The recipient is asked to deposit the forged cheque immediately, keep a portion for themselves, and withdraw the rest as cash for the mystery shopping assignment.

These letters and the cheques that accompany them are fraudulent. They look credible, professional and use legitimate names; however, they are not related to Johnson or any campaign that we are part of or endorse. 

If you are an RSA policyholder or claimant and have any questions as to whether any RSA cheque is valid, please contact the National Billing Team at 905-403-3349 or toll free at 1-800-366-0646.

Media Enquiries: 
Brodie Bott
Communications Director
(647) 466-4101