Make your Halloween a treat with RSA's safety tricks

Thursday, October 20, 2016
With Halloween fast approaching, RSA Canada, a leading Canadian general insurer, is urging extra caution when it comes to putting up the ghoulish decorations.

“There’s no denying that Halloween is an exciting time across Canada,” RSA spokesperson Brodie Bott said. “While it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of the holiday, it’s also important to exercise caution when using decorations and props so your family and young trick-or-treaters stay safe.”

To help you prepare, RSA has put together a list of Halloween safety tips. They include:

  • Be cautious with candles: Jack-O-Lanterns are a great way to dress up the house, but they can pose a fire risk. Try to use battery-operated tea lights to light up your pumpkin.
  • Secure large-scale decorations: Make sure larger decorations are properly secured so they don’t fall over and pose a safety hazard to young children.
  • Keep extension cords tucked away: Make sure extension cords for lights, inflatable decorations, or music outdoors are covered with a heat resistant material such as duct tape so they don’t pose a tripping hazard. Always make sure your extension cord is certified for outdoor use.
  • Lights and electrical outlets: Check for any damaged wires and make sure not to overload electrical outlets. When purchasing lights, ensure they are certified by the Canadian Standards Association or Underwriters Laboratories of Canada.
  • Be wary of the fog: Smoke cuts down on visibility and can make pathways and stairs an unnecessarily scary experience. Use extra caution when using fog machines.
  • Lights on: Keep your front entrance properly lit for the safety and protection of trick-or-treaters. If you’ve run out of candy, leave a note to advise you’re out of treats and always leave lights on around your home.

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