RSA Canada employees raise more than $50,000 for local charities in 2016

Thursday, December 29, 2016
RSA Canada continued to bring happiness and much needed support to local charities in 2016 with the company’s employees raising more than $50,000 through 56 internal fundraising activities.

The money, donated to local charities across Canada was raised as part of the insurer’s Regional Charity Program, which enables RSA to give back to the communities where it operates through donations from its “big hearted” workforce.

Through its Regional Charity Program, RSA Canada supported different causes or charities across the country. The 35 choices for 2016 confirmed the five major causes RSA employees are interested in: children’s health and welfare, hunger, health, community welfare and animal welfare.

Some of the charities that benefitted from RSA’s 'Big Hearted' workforce include: BC Children’s Hospital, Edmonton Food Bank, Calgary Veterans Food Bank, Mississauga Humane Society, Sick Kids Hospital, Richmond Hill Food Bank, Canadian Cancer Society, Breakfast Club Program, Lennoxville Women’s Shelter, Nova Scotia Food Bank and the Janeway Foundation.

“Nothing ends the week better than delivering goods and a cheque to those who need it most,” chair of the RSA Sherbrooke charity committee Melissa Gardner said. Just before Christmas, the RSA Sherbrooke Charity Committee delivered a truckload of food to the Lennoxville women’s Centre, along with $470.45 raised through a raffle and bake sale held by employees.

In 2014, RSA Canada introduced a new internal policy where each regional office votes for the top three charities or causes it wants to support that year. The purpose behind this policy is to enable regional offices to get closer to their local causes and charities. A local charity committee is in place in each regional office and organizes fundraising activities throughout the year. With this program, RSA Canada won the PR Daily’s 2014 CSR Award in the “Best Employee Engagement” category 

RSA is lucky to have a 'Big Hearted' workforce - people who are passionate about making a difference in their local communities. RSA Canada employees will be voting for which charities to support in 2017 between January 3 and 13.

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About RSA’s Corporate Responsibility strategy

RSA’s Corporate Responsibility strategy Making Things Better, Together includes four pillars: Sustainable Future, Safe Secure World, Thriving Communities and Responsible Business. RSA Canada’s Regional Charity Program fits under its Corporate Responsibility Thriving Communities pillar: create positive social impact wherever it does business and encourage employees to support the causes they feel passionate about.

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