Hazard-Free Holiday

Whether you are decking the halls or battling shopping malls, the holiday season can be a busy time.  
Yet hidden within these festive activities can be risks that are often overlooked. This holiday season, we offer Canadians some sound advice to protect their homes and loved ones in order to have a safe, happy and hazard-free holiday.
  • Santa’s not the only one watching: Don’t leave wrapped or unwrapped gifts within eyeshot of windows or outside doors on Christmas Day. Also if away for the holidays ask a neighbour or friend to keep an eye on your house and collect your mail to give the impression that someone is at home.
  • Light it right: Be sure to use only outdoor lights to decorate the exterior of your home and keep dry leaves or branches away from hot halogen patio lights
  • Be flame friendly: Candles are great for holiday ambiance but be sure to blow them out before hitting the hay 
  • Look at what you cook: Opt out of disposable, aluminium pans for cooking a traditional holiday feast like turkey in order to avoid grease fires
  • Be nice; clear your ice: Keep walkways, driveways and sidewalks in front of your home free of ice and snow to prevent injury to loved ones, passers by and/or reindeer
  • Stay wood wary: Leave wood-burning fireplaces shielded well after the fire has been put out; doing so protects curious tots from hot embers