Corporate Responsibility

Our Strategy: Confident Futures

As a best-in-class insurer, we believe our role shouldn't start with a policy and end with a claim. Every choice we make as a business matters. We want to use our skills and knowledge to make a positive contribution.

Our Confident Futures strategy sets out how we integrate responsible business practices into our everyday operations and our ambition to create a future in which people can be more confident in managing the risks they face.


Focus areas Confident Futures

Our Confident Futures strategy focuses on three areas: 




    We want to give people confidence that we’re running our business in the way they’d expect and we’re committed to managing our operations in a responsible and transparent way.

    This means being responsible in our investment and underwriting practices, thoughtful in our choice of suppliers and partners, and mindful of our environmental impact.

    We must also ensure we have robust practices in place to protect our own data and that of our customers, and govern our business with integrity.


    We’re committed to ensuring we offer our customers excellent support and care, develop our people, and make a positive contribution to the communities we’re part of.

    Regional Charity Committees

    Each of our office locations has a regional charity committee which is responsible for organizing charity events throughout the year for the top three organizations their regions voted to support. In 2018, our committees collectively raised $42,926 for 33 charities.

    Matching Donations

    We support our employees’ favourite charities and personal causes through our Matching Donation and Dollars for Doers programs. Employees making official donations to their charity of choice can have their contribution matched up to a maximum of $500 a year for each individual.  When an employee reaches 50 hours of volunteering with their charity, we make a $500 donation to that charity through our Dollars for Doers program.


    Our employees are champions for the causes that are close to their hearts, helping communities in their regions thrive. We’re here to support them by offering employees two paid days to volunteer in their communities. Whether volunteering for the charities chosen by their local regions across Canada or their own personal causes, every hour that our employees give counts and can make a difference to their communities.


    We believe we can play a powerful and practical role in helping our customers to avoid risks, using our expertise as risk managers and our partnerships to help keep them safer in their homes, on the streets and at work.

    WWF Canada: Water Resilience Project

    Climate change is having a dramatic impact on our people, our customers and the communities we work in. We’re evolving our 10-year partnership with WWF to focus on a water resilience project that will provide training and guidance to at-risk communities to reduce the impact of flooding from climate change. Watch for more updates on this project as we get underway.

    TruceTO: Road Safety Campaign

    As a leading auto insurer, we're committed to exploring new ways to promote harmony on our streets and to help prevent collisions and fatalities. Starting with Toronto, we’re calling for a truce through our TruceTO initiative, which aims to bring harmony to the debate around street safety. 

    The goal behind TruceTO is to make Toronto one of the first cities in North America to officially call a truce between pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. From Street Peace podcasts to educational videos with our partner DriveWise, we are spreading the word about what we can all do to be safe and bring harmony to our streets – no matter where you live in Canada. 

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