Talk With Transparency



We earn trust and enable transparency by open communication, sharing information and having each other’s backs.



We expect open and honest dialogue, and the sharing of knowledge to build trust.



We build trust by sharing and being transparent and foster a supportive work place.



You listen to others ideas and perspectives, and engage in respectful conversation ensuring teamwork.



"Having the privilege of being able to SPEAK WITH TRANSPARENCY with our colleagues and managers is priceless. I sincerely believe that anything can be said as long as it is done with respect and in a constructive way. RSA has demonstrated to me that they are open to dialogue, willing to hear what we have to say and that, more than anything else, they want to be honest with us (especially during the pandemic). We are fortunate to have open-minded managers and outstanding colleagues who strive to give and share the best of themselves. In my opinion, RSA has kept its promise to its employees."


Caroline, Sales & Logistics Systems Specialist, Montreal


"When we talk with transparency, it’s usually the quickest way for everyone to gain a mutual understanding of the situation, build trust, and work towards advancing our goals. I’ve been empowered to provide constructive and candid feedback in projects, as a leader, peer and team member, and during employee sessions or surveys. When we can talk with transparency and without fear of repercussions, we clear the path for great ideas and partnerships."


Jessica, Quality and Process Partner - Group Benefit Operations, Richmond Hill