Top 5 ways to safer spring and summer barbecuing

As Canadians start embracing the warmer weather, leading home, auto and commercial insurer RSA Canada has released its top five ways to enjoy safer gas and non-gas barbecuing.
RSA Canada has put together a list of the top five things to ensure safer non-gas and gas barbecuing: 
BBQ Safety
  1. Make sure your barbecue is safely away from combustibles before lighting. 
  2. Use charcoal briquettes and charcoal lighter fluids designed for non-gas BBQs. And remember to follow the instructions on the lighter fluid container. Never add additional fluid after igniting your barbecue. 
  3. Keep your grill away from combustibles when cooking – away from the home and not under eaves or awnings.
  4. Before storing your barbecue, dispose of the ashes by soaking them in water and place them in a covered metal container.
  5. Defective parts should only be replaced by a trained professional.
Gas BBQ Safety
  1. Make sure the lid is open to prevent gas build up when lighting the BBQ.
  2. Never ignite the grill with a match or cigarette lighter – only use the built-in electronic igniters or other devices as provided or recommended by the manufacturer. 
  3. Before each use check for leaks by applying soap and water to all connections, hoses and the cylinder head. If bubbles form, you have a leak and must tighten the connections or replace the defective part. 
  4. When storing, make sure the tank and the grill are both turned off. 
  5. Never store a gas grill indoors with the tank attached.


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